How do you manage your users and their accesses to critical data?

Use our professional Identity Management solution to keep track of who has access to your critical IT systems. You get a solution with minimal administration and a strong focus on security.

Your industry?


With our targeted Identity & Access Management solution for municipalities, the administration of employees and their access to municipal systems and services is easily handled – at the same time our security is top notch.


With a role-based and professional solution, you get an overview of your employees’ user rights – as well as many types of documentation, all of which are provided in user friendly and up-to-date reports.


ID Connect aims to be an attractive and professional vendor, and global delivery combined with local partners is a crucial parameter for most of our customers. That is why we are 100% focused on building long-term strategic partnerships.

ID Connect. Maximum security. Minimum hassle!

Rolebased Identity & Access Management from ID Connect is for people and organisations who want a fast, secure, and user-friendly solution for administration and governance of their users and for the services and information they have access to. The solution will protect your employees’ digital identity no matter where they are, and create secure connections between your employees and the services required to fulfil their everyday jobs.

ID Connect. Maximum security. Minimum hassle!

Several Danish municipalities have chosen ID Connect as their supplier of Identity Management solutions.

Learn more about why they have chosen the service from ID Connect – and how the collaboration turned out.

Want to get started?

Becoming a customer at ID Connect is easy.

1 Initial contact

Let’s meet. We will demonstrate our solutions and we will discuss your needs and possibilities.

2. We offer a PoC agreement

With the conclusion of a Proof of Concept agreement, our 4-week process begins.

3. The process starts

We provide a dedicated solution to be tested with your own systems and by your own users.

4. You are ready to launch

After start-up, tests, and reporting; you can demonstrate compliance, and move directly into production.

Want to know more about our solution?

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