Building security – step by step

IT security is basically about making sure that your employees work with updated equipment, that a firewall is in place, and backups are taken, etc. ID Connect goes a step further when it comes to managing your employees’ digital identity.

The solution from ID Connect can ensure and prove that your password policy is ‘imposed’ on all users in your organization ex. a security policy in your local Active Directory. The solution also gives you control of all access rights. Roles and descriptions, which are clear and understood by everyone, are created and access is based on organizational affiliation or on your employees via their roles or job profiles. With this solution, you also get a 2-factor login or based on your platform even password less login. This only requires the user to validate their login to a service with additional information, via ex. Microsoft Authenticator app. There is also system activity logging, which means you can see who gave user X access to system Y – and when access was given. With Active Directory as a foundation for your users, their rights and the policies they must comply with, the solution from ID Connect will provide you with the overview needed to pass your Identity Governance security test.

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ID Connect ensures that municipalities and companies comply with the requirements of GDPR. Our solution provides you with insight into who has access to systems and information and when access has been granted or removed. It is also possible to see ex. which manager has approved employee access to the information in question.

ID Connect. Maximum security. Minimum hassle!

Rolebased Identity & Access Management from ID Connect is for people and organisations who want a fast, secure, and user-friendly solution for administration and governance of their users and for the services and information they have access to. The solution will protect your employees’ digital identity no matter where they are, and create secure connections between your employees and the services required to fulfil their everyday jobs.

Nyborg Kommune ta'r næste skridt med ID Connect

I fire år har Nyborg Kommune anvendt ID Connects løsning til styring af kommunens it-brugere. Seneste udvidelse af løsningen sikrer, at der nu er integration til kommunens lønsystem. Det har resulteret i fordele, der er til at få øje på.