Easy and user-friendly Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management is so much more than just managing your employees access to systems and information here-and-now. It is about supporting the process from a new employee is hired, grow in your organization, and eventually leave or retire.

A new employee arrives for the first day on the job, gets access to the right systems and the right information allowing the employee to carry out the job in the future.

In order for the processes to work, an interaction between the system in which the employee is employed (often a payroll system) and the system through which the employee has IT access (often a Microsoft Active Directory) is crucial.

When managers and HR managers want to get a general overview of the various systems and data their employees have access to, most solutions stop. This is where the solution from ID Connect builds a bridge and presents a complete overview for both Managers, system owners and HR managers – and they don’t even have to speak the same language as the IT department.

Read about the collaboration between Nyborg Municipality’s and ID Connect

An agreement on a new Identity & Access Management system from ID Connect has provided Nyborg Municipality with a better overview of the user administration processes within the municipality. The solution has been developed to handle the requirements for Identity and access management, so compliance with GDPR rules is ensured. The solution gives full insight into who has access to systems and information – and who and when the specific access was assigned.

Identity Governance or snowball effect?

When an employee changes department – and thus needs access to new systems and other information – it is just as important to have control of the process. The job in the new department requires access to new things, and the old accesses must be removed – automatically. In this context, the snowball effect can contribute to the number of access rights increasing in line with the number of years and the number of departments in which an employee has been working in.

ID Connect. Maximum security. Minimum hassle!

Rolebased Identity & Access Management from ID Connect is for people and organisations who want a fast, secure, and user-friendly solution for administration and governance of their users and for the services and information they have access to. The solution will protect your employees’ digital identity no matter where they are, and create secure connections between your employees and the services required to fulfil their everyday jobs.

Nyborg Kommune ta'r næste skridt med ID Connect

I fire år har Nyborg Kommune anvendt ID Connects løsning til styring af kommunens it-brugere. Seneste udvidelse af løsningen sikrer, at der nu er integration til kommunens lønsystem. Det har resulteret i fordele, der er til at få øje på.