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Frequently asked questions

We have collected the questions mostly asked by our customers.

Is it possible to automate and document hiring and onboarding of new employees?

By building job profiles which contain the most used IT systems needed in a specific department, and then applying the role to the department itself, the new employee will have access to relevant systems in the department from the day of employment.

Does ID Connect only work with municipalities and public organisations?

We have developed the solution based on specific needs in the Danish municipalities. These are typically based on thousands of employees and hundreds of systems. It has created a robust and scalable platform which also fits into other industries and private companies.

How is it possible to establish my own solution in just 4 weeks?

Our solution is built as a Cloud native solution and works with your own local Microsoft Active Directory. Therefore, it is incredibly fast and easy to establish a secure encrypted connection and reuse your own users as well as govern your existing IT systems

Can this solution help me to comply with the GDPR?

Yes. The solution primarily helps with the chapters in ISO27001 which focus on access control. When access to IT systems is operated and governed via ID Connect, there is real-time reporting of which users have access to which IT systems. At the same time, there are tracking on when a user has been granted access and who has granted the specific access. This information will contribute to documenting that you comply with proper access control requirements.

It’s a cloud solution, so how safe is it to use the solution?

All connections between our service and the customer’s solution are encrypted. The solution is located within the EU in a top-secure datacentre, which is continuously checked according to the framework in IS27001. An annual audit of the processes in ID Connect is also performed to ensure that we comply with ex. GDPR rules.

How do I ensure a professional start-up for new employees?

In addition to the roles automatically being assigned through the department, managers or appointed role assigners can also assign additional roles to employees via a self-service platform. There is a full audit log on all role assignments.

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