ID Connect invites you to a 30-minute webinar on creating employees and how to ensure:

  • that employees can access new services immediately
  • that you comply with the documentation requirements regarding user creation (NSIS)
  • that you can both create users and hires
  • that you can get started with this part of our service, as a supplement to existing solutions. In other words, it is not necessary to change the existing setup in order to implement ID Connect for immediate creations.

Did you miss the webinar? Feel free to share the link with your colleagues. The webinar is aimed at both existing and new customers.

Webinar in danish

Ny case: Samarbejdet med Middelfart Kommune

ID Connects løsning til brugerstyring har været i brug i Middelfart Kommune gennem godt to år. Nu følger vi op og sætter bl.a. fokus på gevinster og erfaringer omkring brugerstyring i Middelfart Kommune.