ID Connect enters into a strategic collaboration with ProActive [now Fellowmind].

ID Connect has entered into a strategic partnership with ProActive [now Fellowmind], one of the leading Microsoft partners in Denmark. The goal of this collaboration is to make it easy for Danish municipalities to control employees’ digital identities and ensure secure access to cloud services.

“We are proud to be chosen as ProActive’s partner in identity management, and we look forward to the new collaboration. ProActive is a major and well-established player in the market, specializing in Microsoft technologies, and this is where ID Connect’s solution can complement the offerings to Danish municipalities,” says Jørgen Østergaard, CEO and founder of ID Connect.

“We have been following ID Connect’s development in recent years, and with the upcoming transition to MitID and significant growth in new services based on FKI access management, the timing has been ideal to enter into a strategic partnership with ID Connect,” says Mikael Rønfeldt, Director of the Public Sector at ProActive.

Secure Access with Digital Identities

Many of the country’s municipalities are currently undergoing a digital transformation of their organizations, replacing old IT systems and applications with new cloud-based services. In the process, there is a shift in how employees are granted secure access to systems and services.

Therefore, the transition to cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure must be supported by solutions that provide users with seamless access to various services through their digital identities. It is no longer the user’s device that grants access to IT systems, but rather the employee’s digital identity that becomes the key. This requires municipalities to have a central place where they register and maintain all information about users, and this is where ID Connect’s user-friendly and cloud-based solution comes in.

New Opportunities with NemLogin 3.0

When municipalities gain access to the new NemLogin 3.0 in August, the combination of MitID and FKI access management opens up new possibilities in the public sector. For example, it will be possible to validate employees based on NSIS, the new national standard. When combined with the options for managing access to services with confirmation from MitID or Microsoft Authenticator, it becomes both cheaper and easier for municipalities to maintain.

“It’s about securing citizens’ data and, thus, supporting the trust that should exist in a municipality regarding its handling of citizens’ information. At the same time, it’s also about making it easier for the employees in the municipality who work with citizens’ data to take on that responsibility,” says Jørgen Østergaard.

Customer Case Examples

Middelfart Municipality

After discussions with three providers, Middelfart Municipality chose to collaborate with ID Connect on a solution that would secure the municipality’s user and access management. With a customized integration with the joint municipal framework architecture, KOMBIT, and continued focused development on integration with future public systems such as Nemlogin-3 and the new MitID, ID Connect stood out as the strongest and most advantageous choice – read the full customer case (Danish).

Nyborg Municipality

An agreement for a new Identity and Access Management system from ID Connect has provided Nyborg Municipality with better oversight of the municipality’s user administration in relation to current and future KOMBIT systems. Additionally, all the frameworks in the new SKI 02.19 SaaS/Cloud agreement are integrated into the solution. ID Connect’s solution has been developed to meet municipalities’ requirements for access management, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. The solution provides full insight into who has access to systems and data and when access was last used – read the full customer case (Danish).

Nyborg Kommune ta'r næste skridt med ID Connect

I fire år har Nyborg Kommune anvendt ID Connects løsning til styring af kommunens it-brugere. Seneste udvidelse af løsningen sikrer, at der nu er integration til kommunens lønsystem. Det har resulteret i fordele, der er til at få øje på.