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ID Connect’s user management solution has been in use in Middelfart Municipality for a little over two years. Now, we are following up and focusing on gains and experiences related to user management in Middelfart Municipality.

Today, Middelfart Municipality has implemented the ID Connect solution, and more and more of the municipality’s specialized systems are continuously being connected.

“For us, it’s about getting more and more specialized systems on board, so we can delegate role distribution in these specialized systems. Today, it’s the IT department’s task to allocate roles and permissions, so we expect to save time in the future,” says Mette Lyager, IT Business Consultant in Middelfart Municipality.

The municipality still has systems where departments assign roles and permissions, and IT wants to connect these systems to the ID Connect solution as well, ensuring a more solid overview of permissions.

“We are continuously reaching our goal of onboarding and implementing access to new systems,” says Lars Bruun Jelle, IT Chief.

How Middelfart Municipality Did It

Initially, the work started with identifying the systems that needed to be onboarded to the ID Connect solution first.

“The prioritization of systems was based on the number of role assignments in each system, and at the same time, we looked at the systems where we experienced a high number of setbacks,” says Mette Lyager and continues:

“Then, I engaged in a dialogue with the business, and my colleagues quickly saw that it was smart and efficient for them to get their hands on the ID Connect solution themselves. I didn’t need to motivate them much because they quickly recognized the benefits. Especially the reporting in the ID Connect solution received a lot of enthusiasm. The fact that they can generate reports for their managers is a big plus. All in all, the solution has been well received.”

Organizational change and the benefits

Middelfart Municipality has had a positive attitude toward the ID Connect solution, and everyone involved is excited about the solution and its simplicity.

“With the solution, we have created clarity and an overview of the municipality’s many users. The reports in the solution are just brilliant. Even though we haven’t yet connected all systems to ID Connect, I can already say that when it comes to data quality and data security, we have reached a completely different level with ID Connect,” says Lars Bruun Jelle.

Another area where Middelfart Municipality benefits from the ID Connect solution is during organizational changes. These changes occur regularly and always affect the many users who are moved around. In such cases, there needs to be control over the users, and ID Connect helps with this.

“In the long run, it would be good if we had a procedure for changes in the organization and user creation, which would allow us to reap even more benefits,” emphasizes Lars Bruun Jelle.

Collaboration with ID Connect

Legislation and technology are constantly changing, and this requires ID Connect to adapt continuously.

“ID Connect is both receptive and adaptable. That was one of the reasons we chose ID Connect. We saw a company in its infancy, with good ideas and a good understanding of the customers’ situation. It has been exciting for us as a municipality to help shape and create the solution,” says Lars Bruun Jelle.

“It has also been positive that as a customer, we can present our issues, and ID Connect is quick to examine how things are done at other customers. This way, it never becomes specific to one municipality, but rather a solution that all municipalities can benefit from,” says Mette Lyager.

Middelfart’s Best Advice

In Middelfart Municipality, they have gained experience in connection with the implementation and use of the new solution and have some valuable advice for others.

“It is important to be aware that the ID Connect solution is not just a system owned by the IT department. I would advise others to look at it with a more cross-organizational perspective. We could have benefited from a project group with key individuals from each department. Success depends on getting other departments on board. Furthermore, we would have presented some viewpoints that only came much later. Therefore, involve others,” recommends Lars Bruun Jelle.

User Management in the Future

Middelfart Municipality originally had thoughts about conducting user management based on the municipality’s payroll system. They are not there yet, but it is on their wish list for ID Connect.

“Right now, when a new employee is hired, there is a user setup in our payroll system. Then, the IT department receives a form and sets up the user. This is an administrative task that takes time. So, ‘Connection to the payroll system’ is at the top of our wish list,” explains Lars Bruun Jelle, and he continues:

“If I were to take our wish a step further, I would like to see a new employee, upon creation in the payroll system, being assigned standard permissions that can be customized by the employee’s manager. In the ideal world, I would like the employee to go to a platform and request access to systems x, y, and z themselves. These permissions should, of course, be approved by the manager. We are not there yet, but I believe we are well on our way there with ID Connect.”

Download the Middelfart Municipality case here (Danish).

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Nyborg Kommune ta'r næste skridt med ID Connect

I fire år har Nyborg Kommune anvendt ID Connects løsning til styring af kommunens it-brugere. Seneste udvidelse af løsningen sikrer, at der nu er integration til kommunens lønsystem. Det har resulteret i fordele, der er til at få øje på.